Distribution Optimization as a Service

The BoB DOaaS app

Optimize your daily distribution routes to save up to 25% on your transportation costs.

Let us show you how much time and money we can help you save per day!

Reduce your transportation cost by simply uploading your daily orders!

Upload your daily orders and we will send you a detailed route plan within 60 minutes with optimized routing for your pickups and deliveries.

Include delivery time windows and the Google traffic API will even consider traffic congestion algorithms in the calculations

We’ll also tell you which vehicles to use and provide a detailed vehicle utilization report so you can see if you need more vehicles or have too many.

Save money and time by letting us plan your daily distribution on your behalf.

Start optimizing your distribution today!

It is much faster and can save you tons of moola. Stop trying to plan your distribution on paper.

Best of all, we’ll optimize 1 historical day’s orders for you for free to show you how much you could have saved.

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