Will BoB work for my industry?

BoB Cloud Inventory is a system that can work for any and all industries that needs to keep track of inventory or any type of stock.

Strategico SA is the company that created and developed this amazing system. Strategico also runs and maintains every aspect of the BoB system. This means that customisation on the system can also be done to ensure that it works perfectly for your business.

So in short… YES, BoB will work for your industry.

Let's look at a few industries

Below is a list of a few industries that already uses BoB cloud inventory management with great success.
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All manufacturing industries have a few common challenges:

  • Knowledge of qty of raw materials on hand
  • Knowledge of qty of consumables on hand
  • Knowledge of qty of manufactured product on hand

The above and not being aware when these quantities fall beyond a re-order/re-manufacture thresh hold will always be  challenge for the manufacturing industry.


BoB assists in monitoring these quantities and alerting the responsible person in-time to react pro-actively.

Maintenance/Parts Department

Most Larger Orgnizations would have an internal Deoartment for the upkeep and maintenance of plants/production assembly lines and or vehicle fleet services.

Albeit it being an integral part of keeping the Organisation’s production operating effectively, its is very often a neglected dept.

BoB ensures that the Maintenance Dept are at all times aware of exactly what they have in stock for repairs/maintenance. It also assists the Maintenance Dept in generating reports thereby being able to forecast correctly on high-volume usage of critical components.

Equipment Rental Industry

Clients in the Rental Industry often struggle with knowing exactly which items/products have been rented to customers, and more so, if renting multile units, which units have been booked back in after a project is completed.

BoB llow the company to barcode all items (Ranging from very small eg. 10mmx5mm) to large barcodes.

This way all dispatched items are scanned when delivered to clients and scanned again when receiving back… thus eliminating lost stock.


Distribution of inventory can be daunting especially as you grow and have many different SKU's to manage. BoB can help you keep track of all the items coming in and leaving your warehouse. Ensure you keep accurate records of all inventory flowing through your warehouse with BoB's easy to use cloud based inventory control and barcoding system.

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