Upgrade your Sage Inventory Management

Our WMS enhances the Inventory Management features of Sage by making it mobile, flexible and accurate. Contact us today to get more info.


Realtime visibility

Get accurate visibility of stock across your business

Multi-branch compatible

Manage stock in multiple branches from a single admin account. Users can be assigned to transact in their locations

Print your own custom barcodes

Print barcode labels for items and locations to make inventory control accurate and efficient

Scalable pricing

Outright purchase or subscription based pricing allows you start scanning immediately no matter your budget

System Features

No need for manual data imports from Excel or CSV files. All items and orders are seamlessly synced between Sage and BoB in the background.

Use your supplier barcodes or print your own to scan and track your items

Improve inventory management by increasing accuracy, improving order fulfillment and reducing order cycle time

Ensure accurate stock and supplier invoicing by verifying the items received against the PO. By scanning the products into your warehouse BoB will keep track of the items and quantities you receive to ensure your supplier invoices are accurate.

Keep your stock up to date with customizable Stock Take and Cycle Count rules.

Keep your warehouse organized by moving stock around and keeping track of where everything is.

Customize your picking rules to ensure the most efficient picking and eliminate searching for items to be dispatched. 

Ensure the correct items and quantities are shipped to your customer through the pick, pack and ship verification process. Customize your process to match your opperational needs.

Automatically process your invoice in Sage when your pick, pack and ship operation is completed

Whether you use your own vehicles or outsource your deliveries, our App allows the delivery confirmation to be confirmed electronically and signed off by the customer

See BoB WMS at work

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