Free Stock Count App - Barcode out'a Box

Are you you still doing manual stock counts using paper?

Strategico has just launched this app and it’s free to use for up to 3 users.
You can count your stock by simply scanning the product bar codes and it get’s capture in the cloud database.
Users can make use of their own devices to scan the products so everyone can help to count.
It is much faster and much more accurate than conventional counts done on paper sheets and it can be done from any location.
Review counts online or export results to Excel.
Scan any universal product barcode (EAN)

Watch the video to see how it works:

Register your free account at here  

The system is cloud based and available as an App on IOS and Android making it easy to roll out and start using with equipment that is already available. (Mobile Phones)

The principle is easy:
– Create a count
– Users log in
– Users scan product codes
– Manager reviews count results in the cloud

Our Online platform was originally designed for Inventory Management but we felt that this portion of the system can add a lot of value to small businesses to start managing their inventory digitally.   The Platform is currently available so please do contact us so that we may help with setup for your outlets.

Get the BoB Inventory management app free on the Apple App store or Google Play store

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